Bible Quizzing

Participants be in the 6th – 12th grade by the time of Celebrate Life in May. Each District President is responsible for who may/may not participate from their district. Teams can be registered at

Bible Quizzing shall be conducted according to the current edition of the rules published on the NYI Connect website with any exceptions to be noted by the director before the event.


The Top Sixteen method or other predetermined method determines the one or two Quiz Team’s for post quizzing.

Subsidy: Team(s) is subsidized yearly for one quiz tournament beyond the field level. The subsidy will be determined annually and be communicated to the team coaches and quizzers.

Coach: The Quiz Director shall have the option to serve as one of the coaches for the field team(s). If he/she is unable to serve, or chooses not to serve, the Quiz Director shall have the option of appointing or using another means of determining the coach(s).

Tournament: Quizzing is a “Round Robin Tournament–all teams quiz (by division) all the other teams once” followed by a Division A, top 6 team double elimination/placement finals and a Division B, top 4 team single elimination finals.


The Quizzing Director shall arrange the following:



OFFICIAL TEXT: The official text used will be the NIV 2011.

•Quizzers’ names are in seat order (first name, then last name) and entered on the official score sheets when all are received. Substitutes must be designated and reported to the scorekeepers.•Captains (*) and Co-Captains (*) shall be identified on the lineup form.

•Coach name(s) should be supplied.•Once lineups are submitted, no changes permitted. (Lineups will be confidential.)•All quizzers/officials must be in their assigned seats in the quiz area after all line-up forms are received or as scheduled or when required by the Quiz Master.•Teams that are more than 10 minutes late may be required to forfeit that round, provided that rounds are on time according to the official preliminary schedule